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Dealing with acne and the scars it can leave behind is not only deeply frustrating, but the condition can cause lingering emotional distress, depression and/or a loss of self-esteem. Some 20 million Americans are estimated to be suffering from acne scars. The good news is that there are cutting-edge options available in the skin care industry, and acne scar treatment with the dermal filler BellaFill® is an exciting solution. This incredible injectable creates a smoother and more radiant complexion.

Dermal Filler with Exceptional Ability

Unlike popular facial fillers made of hyaluronic acid (HA) that dissolve after just a few months, BellaFill® features something different. The dermal filler is comprised of a collagen base with unique polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) microspheres.

While HA injections eventually become absorbed in the skin, BellaFill® is considered non-resorbable via its PMMA. These tiny microspheres add amazing structural integrity to the face and are ideal for acne scar treatment in flattening deep dips and divots on the skin. The injectable creates a smoother and softer complexion, and clients are excited about the significant transformation they begin to notice. The treatment is safe and quick, and you don’t have to worry about downtime. Even if you have some bruising from injection, it won’t last long.

Smooth Results and Glowing Skin Emerge

BellaFill® was given the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) indication for acne scar treatment in 2014. Dr. Victoria Falcone has been injecting BellaFill® since 2008 for facial contouring and has tremendous experience in the use of BellaFill® for acne scar treatment.  According to the FDA, the injectable filler can improve moderate to severe acne scars in people older than 21. Most clients begin to see smoother skin with a softer texture and radiance within a couple of days following a treatment session.

BellaFill® for acne scar treatment is an excellent option and can be injected into the cheeks, chin, and around the mouth to fill in acne scars. It can also be used to treat nasolabial folds, marionette lines and loss of cheek volume for facial rejuvenation.

When it comes to acne scar treatment, there are many topicals and cosmetic procedures to try and improve the surface of the skin, but BellaFill® is seen by skin care specialists a long-lasting dermal filler to fill the volume loss created by scarring acne or aging.

If you are excited about this standout acne scar treatment, then speak with Dr. Victoria Falcone at the Falcone Center in Bala Cynwyd, PA, Maple Shade and Lambertville, NJ.  The Falcone Center also offers treatment to improve the pore, texture changes and pigmentation that can occur with acne. We offer a comprehensive treatment approach.  Contact us today to schedule your consultation and let us show you how BellaFill® can banish your acne scars and leave you feeling confident with a smoother, softer complexion.

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