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There are a few things about a person that can be uncomfortable to talk about. One of those things is if a woman is insecure about her breasts. Another is if a man or woman is experiencing certain sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness. Not feeling comfortable to talk about these problems can actually make it much harder to receive the type of treatment that can provide you with relief or a confidence boost. Most people, if they don’t ask the question, might assume that surgery is the only way to restore what they had in their youth, but that isn’t correct. We’re here to tell you that platelet-rich plasma, also known as PRP, is the key to an all-natural, minimally-invasive breast lift. Platelet-rich plasma is also able to provide sexual wellness through the P-Shot® (for men), or the O-Shot® (for women). Below is more information about this treatment and why you shouldn’t feel embarrassed to visit our medical office to find what you’re looking for.

What Is Platelet-Rich Plasma?

Everyone knows that the body has the ability to heal itself. We see it nearly everyday when we accidentally cut ourselves shaving, or we get a paper cut opening the mail. Even larger injuries are usually capable of healing on their own, which is something so natural most people wouldn’t even stop to think about it. One way your body heals itself is something that doctors have been able to research and develop into a treatment called PRP therapy.

Platelets are the component in your blood that causes clots, which keeps you from bleeding out when you get a small scrape or cut. Platelets also contain other healing factors that, after clotting the blood, begin working to repair the damage. Harnessing their healing power is essentially what PRP therapy does, and it is why platelet-rich plasma is so versatile and useful.

You may have heard of this treatment in areas like anti-aging, hair regrowth, or pain relief, but PRP goes way beyond these applications. Platelet-rich plasma is capable of rejuvenating and improving your most intimate areas, and usually all that is required is a blood draw and a few well-placed injections.

As we get older our bodies tend to break down, which comes in many forms. Wrinkles, hair loss, and chronic pain are just a few of the ways that this breakdown manifests itself. We also see it in sagging breasts, erectile dysfunction,  vaginal dryness and decreased sexual function . PRP therapy is simply a way to get back what you’ve lost through an all-natural and minimally-invasive office treatment.

Enhancing the healing process allows your body to effectively heal itself, which creates what we like to think of as younger tissues. Sagging breasts become perkier, erectile dysfunction turns into stronger, harder erections, and vaginal dryness is transformed into increased libido and little to no pain during intercourse.

An office visit for PRP therapy generally takes one hour and you will be awake the entire time. We usually provide our patients with numbing cream for the treatment area so you will be  comfortable.

Below we will look at these three applications in greater detail, and you may learn whether or not you are a good candidate for platelet-rich plasma therapy.

Vampire Breast Lift®

For women who are unsatisfied with sagging breasts and loss of cleavage, the Vampire Breast Lift® offers a great alternative to surgery. You may have previously thought that surgical breast augmentation was the only way to regain the perky breasts of your youth, but PRP is minimally-invasive and can yield impressive results.

Sagging breasts can happen due to childbirth (breastfeeding), getting older, or other changes to the body. It is virtually an inevitability that many women face, but it isn’t something that you just have to live with. And surgery isn’t your only option, either.

PRP injections cannot completely eliminate sagging in the same way surgery is able to, nor can these injections add volume to your breasts. They can, however, give you a lift that can boost your confidence, which is what most women are looking for. It’s like choosing dermal fillers rather than a facelift. You know the results won’t be as dramatic, but the necessary downtime is greatly reduced and there is little to no risk for complications due to the nature of the treatment.

A Vampire Breast Lift® can improve wrinkles on the breasts, which results in a much smoother, more youthful appearance when you’re wearing something low-cut or when you’re in a swimsuit. The Vampire Breast Lift® procedure begins with a blood draw, and that blood is then spun in the Magellan TruPRP dual-spin centrifuge to separate the platelets from the rest of the blood. Once separated, the platelet-rich plasma is then injected into your breasts at strategic points in order to offer the most healing.

The secret behind the Vampire Breast Lift® is that PRP promotes collagen production. Collagen is what is needed for healthy, vibrant skin. The less collagen there is, the more wrinkles will appear. Your body naturally slows down how much collagen it produces as you get older, which is typically where wrinkles come from in the first place. The Vampire Breast Lift® simply helps restore skin to be similar to what you had before.

Results can be seen a few months after treatment. This is a natural process that takes time, but that’s exactly what makes it so appealing to so many women. Your collagen production will go up as the platelets go to work, and the Vampire Breast Lift® will begin its work. Choosing a Vampire Breast Lift® is much easier than deciding to undergo surgery, and you are faced with less risks. Contact our office if you are interested in learning more, or if you would like to schedule a consultation.


For men, erectile dysfunction can be devastating. Not only can it hurt your self-esteem, it can also hurt your relationship if you are unable to perform in the bedroom. This damage ultimately can radiate out into other areas of your life. Maybe you’ve already tried medications and they didn’t work for you, or maybe you’re more interested in trying an approach that doesn’t involve chemicals. Platelet-rich plasma has the benefit of being all-natural, so you don’t have to worry about side effects from pills or the risks associated with other treatments for ED.

The treatment name comes from Priapus, the Greek god of fertility. Also known as the Priapus Shot, this treatment follows the same general concept of the Vampire Breast Lift®. Only your platelet-rich plasma is used throughout the treatment, so there is little to no downtime.

You don’t have to have ED in order to qualify for the P-Shot®. In fact, many men who don’t suffer from erectile dysfunction seek out this treatment as a way to enhance what they already have. Some candidate for the P-Shot® have only lost some of their sexual function, others have lost all of it. Either way, the P-Shot® promotes healing, which leads to stronger, firmer erections and increased self-confidence with your significant other.

If you use pills to treat ED, the P-Shot® can actually improve the results of the medication. Some men are unsatisfied with pills like Viagra, because they work, but only just once and they are expensive . Platelet-rich plasma allows the medication to work better, which is why many of our patients combine this treatment with whatever ED treatment they are already going through. PRP not only promotes healing, it also increases circulation as well.

Since the penis is such a sensitive area, we provide numbing cream to help make sure you are completely comfortable. You don’t have to worry about pain, downtime, or side effects. All you have to do is relax, and then wait for the PRP to work its magic.


The O-Shot® is essentially the female version of the P-Shot®. Women don’t suffer from erectile dysfunction, but they can experience vaginal dryness or a lack of sensation that may make sex unenjoyable. Childbirth has a lot to do with this, but so does hormonal changes such as menopause. If you are noticing changes down there, the O-Shot® may be able to help you.

Urinary incontinence is another symptom that the O-Shot® can treat. Vaginal laxity is a complaint that many women have as they get older, whether or not they have had children. This causes a range of issues, from urinary incontinence to painful intercourse. We recommend the O-Shot® if you would like to experience a tightened vaginal canal, as well as longer and more intense orgasms.

Patients often experience better sex again by undergoing the O-Shot®. The process is the same as the Vampire Breast Lift® and the P-Shot®, beginning with a simple blood draw. Just like the P-Shot®, the O-Shot® increases blood circulation into the areas we treat. For the O-Shot®, we typically inject platelet-rich plasma into the clitoris and the vaginal wall. We provide numbing cream to make sure you don’t feel a thing.

Results, just like with the other treatments, may take a few months to appear. However, during that time, you don’t have to refrain from your usual activities.

Unlike the P-Shot®, we may provide you with an Intensity Device to help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles after your treatment. This device will be used at home after your leave our office to help enhance your results. Lubrication will be increased, and vaginal looseness will greatly minimize.

The O-Shot® can be combined with other treatments that we offer, including MonaLisa Touch, ThermiVA, and Tempsure. These are all non- to minimally-invasive treatments for vaginal rejuvenation that most women can greatly benefit from.

Who Is a Candidate?

For any of the treatments mentioned above, the most important aspect is your ability to heal. Certain activities, such as smoking, greatly reduce your body’s natural ability to heal itself, which may make you an unsuitable candidate. We also advise against nursing mothers who are looking to undergo the Vampire Breast Lift®. Wait until breastfeeding is finished before you go for platelet-rich plasma injections.

Men and women looking for impressive results that don’t require surgery are usually good candidate for PRP therapy. At your consultation we will take a look at the area you want treated and we will make a recommendation. Some patients are perfectly suited for PRP therapy, while others would benefit more from a different treatment.

Platelet-rich plasma in the form of the Vampire Breast Lift® cannot completely turn back the hands of time on your breasts. Entering the treatment with a realistic idea of the outcome is very important. Results may last for a year or more, but they are not as permanent as surgery. The same can be said of the P-Shot® and the O-Shot®. Make sure you thoroughly discuss with our providers what you expect from the treatments, so we can make the best recommendation possible.

When you visit our office, we can give you some guidelines of what to do after your treatment. There is little to no downtime associated with PRP. Our team of professionals can answer any questions you may have, and we can help you make the best decision possible to help you reach your goals. A treatment plan can be decided on when you come in for a consultation. How often you will need to re-visit us to maintain your results will be discussed as well, so you will know exactly what to expect.

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At the Falcone Center, we are dedicated to helping our patients through functional and cosmetic medicine. We want you to be able to love who you see in the mirror and feel self-confident no matter where you are. In addition to the Vampire Breast Lift®, P-Shot®, and O-Shot®, we offer treatments such as liposuction, Botox, and miraDry. If you are interested in learning more about what we offer, please feel free to visit our center in one of our three locations in Bala Cynwyd, Maple Shade, or Lambertville. Rejuvenation may only be a phone call away. Our medical team would be more than happy to meet with you to discuss your options. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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