See us for dementia treatment in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Maple Shade, New Jersey, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas. The Falcone Center uses functional medicine to effectively treat dementia and other chronic medical conditions.

What Is Dementia?

While not a disease in and of itself, dementia is a medical condition in which a person’s ability to think and reason is severely affected to the point that daily functions are extremely impacted. Memory loss is also a big part of dementia but on its own does not indicate dementia. Still another component of dementia is its effect on social abilities. Dementia is more likely to affect the elderly and can cause them to be confused, not recognize people, and even have a change in personality and behavior. Dementia is not curable, but the symptom can be managed through functional medicine.

What Are the Causes of Dementia?

Dementia isn’t technically a disease itself, but diseases, traumas, and infections may cause people to have dementia. Some of the more common conditions that cause dementia include the following:

  • Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and other diseases that may cause loss of nerve cells or degeneration
  • Strokes
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Conditions affecting the brain such as injuries, tumors, and infections
  • Conditions that affect the kidney, liver, and other major organs other than the brain
  • Head injuries
  • Vitamin deficiencies

Alzheimer’s is responsible for up to 60 percent of all dementias. In recent years, two other forms of dementia have emerged – Lewy Body Disease and Pick’s Disease.

What Are the Symptoms of Dementia?

The symptoms of dementia vary depending on the cause but, in general, the symptoms include the following:

  • Has memory loss
  • Shows trouble communicating with others
  • Struggles with complex tasks
  • Easily gets disoriented and agitated
  • Has trouble with planning and organizing
  • Acts inappropriately
  • Lacks coordination and motor functions
  • Has change in personality
  • Has inability to reason with others

How Does Functional Medicine Treat Dementia?

A functional medicine approach works to treat the potential root cause of this debilitating condition. A thorough patient history along with a full evaluation allows Dr. Falcone to explore factors that may be contributing to the dementia.

What Is the Cost of Treating Dementia through Functional Medicine?

At the Falcone Center, the cost for treating patients in Philadelphia, PA, Maple Shade, NJ, and the surrounding area is based on the appointment. Deposit is due when scheduling initial appointment.

It is important to note that the Falcone Center does not accept insurance as it is considered an “out-of-network provider” by most major insurance plans. While we cannot file insurance claims on our patients’ behalf, we can easily provide them with receipts and the necessary paperwork to file for reimbursement. We suggest that our patients determine whether their plans cover functional medicine prior to making an appointment.

Why Should I Choose the Falcone Center to Treat Dementia?

The staff at the Falcone Center is dedicated to functional medicine and treating patients with a patient-centered approach. At the Falcone Center, our goal is to determine and treat the underlying causes of dementia so that our patients can begin the process of recovery and treatment in order to have a better quality of life.

How Do I Begin Treatment for Dementia the Falcone Center?

The first step toward seeking treatment for dementia or any other medical condition at the Falcone Center is to contact us to schedule your initial consultation. At that time, we will request that you fill out the new patient forms and return them to us prior to your appointment so that we can review them and have a general understanding of your medical issues and history.

Dr. Victoria Falcone, director of The Falcone Center, is board certified in Family Medicine. She is licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and is a member of The Institute of Functional Medicine, The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS), and The American Academy of Family Practice. Dr. Falcone offers a unique approach to health, wellness, and rejuvenation, helping men, women and children look and feel better both inside and out. Please call today to schedule your initial consultation!