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44 Year Old Male 4 months after his second Magellan Tru PRP treatment.


Patient was taking Propecia (Finasteride) to prevent hair loss for over 10 year. The before photo taken in February of 2017 shows his level of thinning. With aging his hair loss progressed and he sought additional treatment with PRP injections. He received is first PRP treatment in February and second in May 2017.

At the Falcone Center, we want to provide you with non-surgical options to maintain, improve and restore the quality and density of your hair. Because of Dr. Falcone’s diverse knowledge base and expertise in Functional, Cosmetic and Integrative Medicine, our approach is unique.

While most hair loss is hereditary, there are other factors that can influence the growth and shedding cycles of your hair. Your consultation will include an assessment of multiple factors that may be contributing to the altered texture, size and density of your hair including topics such as


-Thyroid function




If medical and nutritional assessment is indicated, Dr. Falcone can make recommendations for evaluation.

When you are ready for treatment an individualized treatment protocol will be developed. This may include (Platelet Rich Plasma) PRP treatment, laser treatments, Vampire Hair Treatment with ACell, Adipose Derived Stem Cell treatment, Bone Marrow aspiration, hair care products, nutrients and use of prescription topical or oral medications.  You will be part of developing the plan that will work within your lifestyle, budget, preferences and tolerance for downtime.

Should I Get A Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant surgery can certainly help to restore your hairline by rearranging existing hair follicles to achieve a more desirable cosmetic appearance. But hair loss that is hereditary in nature will continue to progress even after hair transplant.  The transplanted hair may help to fill in a problem area but as hair loss progresses over time, future transplant or treatment will be necessary to address new areas of loss.

Hair transplants of any kind are very costly ranging typically from $7000 to $14000.  The risk of scarring at the donor region, cost and the healing process often leads patients to seek other options.

The most important thing is to try and protect the hair follicles that remain and wake up dormant follicles to prevent future decline in hair density. This is the goal for development of a comprehensive treatment plan at the Falcone Center.

If you decide to have a hair transplant, we strongly recommend that you visit the Falcone Center after treatment for a Vampire ACell + True PRP treatment to maintain and protect your remaining hair follicles.

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

Regenerative Medicine Techniques can be applied to hair loss prevention and restoration.  If the cause of your hair loss and decreased hair density is hereditary, such as with androgenic alopecia, the goal of treatment is to stimulate dormant hair follicles. Using therapies to stimulate dormant or sluggish stem cells around the hair follicles can help reverse the miniaturization of hair follicles and improve overall hair growth.  Growth Factors can be found in the Platelet Rich Plasma of your own blood, Extra-Cellular Matrix (ACell), Bone Marrow and Adipose Derived Stem Cells. Your consultation at the Falcone Center will help to determine which options are right for you.

PRP for Hair Restoration

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment is the use of growth factors found in your blood to help stimulate stem cell activity in dormant hair follicles.

At the Falcone Center we use the Magellan TruPRP device to process your blood and extract a high concentration of growth factors. These growth factors can be injected into the scalp and will also be micro-needled into the scalp using the Skin Pen Micro Needling device.

While some practices uses a lower quality, less expensive and smaller quantity of PRP (only 5-10cc), at the Falcone Center, we feel it is necessary to use the Magellan TruPRP device yielding higher concentrations and quantity of growth factors for hair restoration. It is a more expensive and sophisticated technology then a simple centrifuge but the Magellan True PRP device yields concentrations of growth factors that have been scientifically proven and are of quantities sufficient for wound healing and orthopedic use as well. There is a difference!!!

The amount of PRP available to spread under the scalp is also important! 5-10cc spread over the entire crown of the head is insufficient to get PRP to each hair follicle. At the Falcone Center we can produce up to 21cc of PRP per treatment yielding better coverage of as many hair follicles as possible.

We suggest an initial regimen of 3 treatments separated by 4-6 weeks followed by a maintenance treatment every 4-6 months depending on individual factors. Individual results will vary. Click Here to learn more about PRP Hair treatment.

The Vampire Hair Growth Treatment

For those who desire to further augment the stimulation of their hair follicles beyond a regular Magellan TruPRP hair treatment, a product called ACell can be injected into the scalp in conjunction with PRP treatment.

For the Vampire Hair Growth Treatment, PRP is extracted from the blood and injected into the scalp in the same manner as the PRP hair treatment listed above. ACell fine powder is then mixed with several nutrients before the solution is injected into the scalp after PRP injection. Click Here to learn more about ACell +PRP treatment.

At the Falcone Center, we recommend the Vampire Hair Growth Treatment combining ACell, PRP and Vitamins rather then just PRP injection alone. The injection is more expensive for a single treatment but the result in one treatment is generally more significant and long lasting.

Functional Medicine Evaluation

Because there are so many factors influencing a patient’s hair quality and hair density, a functional medicine evaluation may be helpful when developing a treatment plan. Functional Medicine doctors seek to uncover the root cause of medical problems by incorporating the latest in genetic science, systems biology and knowledge about how nutrition, environmental and lifestyle factors influence the emergence and progression of aging and disease. Dr. Falcone is a certified Functional Medicine physician. Click Here to learn more about a Functional Medicine Hair evaluation.


Proper nutrition is necessary for healthy hair. If you have digestion issue that cause lack of nutrient absorption, poor protein intake, low iron or insufficient B Vitamins (often associated with a vegan diet), proper supplementation and treatment will be recommended prior to beginning hair treatment.

Rogaine and Propecia

If you haven’t already tried some common over-the-counter or prescription treatments for hair loss, we will discuss your options. We often recommend a combination of therapies to maximize results. Rogaine (minoxidil) and Propecia (finasteride) or Low Level Laser Therapy can help protect hair follicles alone or in combination with PRP or ACell + PRP treatments.

Bone Marrow Aspiration for Hair Growth

Dr. Falcone has performed Bone Marrow aspiration for use in hair growth and for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The results are encouraging. The difficulty in offering this treatment is mainly the cost of treatment to patients and the risks involved in Bone Marrow aspiration. The equipment needed to harvest and process Bone Marrow is significantly more expensive. Dr. Falcone believes that similar results can be achieved with a Vampire ACell + PRP hair treatment saving patients the expense, discomfort and risks involved in bone marrow aspiration.

If you are interested in Bone Marrow Aspiration for treatment of your hair loss, you can certainly discuss this option with Dr. Falcone at your appointment.

Adipose Derived Stem Cells for Hair Growth

Dr. Falcone has been a liposuction specialist since 2007 having performed thousands of liposuction procedures over the past 10 years. She has participated in various levels of adipose derived stem cell research for over 7 years. It only makes sense that she would consider a person’s own fat as a rich source of stem cell therapy when treating hair loss patients. Dr. Falcone has been investigating processing systems for adipose tissue that would yield safe and consistent stem cell concentrations for many years.

Back in 2009, when she first investigated the Cytori Stem Cell processing device, the cost of the consumable product alone was over $2000. Combining Cytori stem cell processing with the cost of liposuction treatment and hair treatment would have been too expensive for most patients. As the years have progressed, so has technology and science. It is now possible to have an awake liposuction procedure in our office and within a few hours have your fat processed and your stem cells re-injected to your desired therapeutic target whether it be your hair, genitals, wound, face or joints. Dr. Falcone is in the process of arranging an IRB study and an advanced stem cell processing device for Falcone Center patients. “ We expect to offer this treatment for hair restoration on a consistent basis in late 2018.

How much does this cost?

The cost of treatment will vary based on the rate and extent of your hair loss and the treatment plan selected. PRP treatments can be purchased as a single treatment or as a package of treatments. We recommend three PRP treatments initially separated by 4-6 weeks and then one treatment every 6 months but individual needs may vary.

ACell + PRP injections are more expensive per treatment but repeat treatments may only be needed every 18 months to 3 years. Adjunctive nutritional, topical and medical therapies may be recommended for long-term use.

During your consultation, various options and pricing will be discussed. In general, most treatments range between $850 and $3000.

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