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Juvederm Volbella in Philadelphia, PA

See us for Juvederm Volbella in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Maple Shade, New Jersey, Bala Cynwyd , Pennsylvania, Lambertville, New Jersey and the surrounding areas. The Falcone Center for Functional, Cosmetic and Integrative Medicine offers Juvéderm Volbella to residents interested in skin rejuvenation.


What is Juvederm Volbella?

Juvederm Volbella is an injectable gel that is smooth, clear, colorless and made of hyaluronic acid (HA) just like all of the Juvederm class of fillers. There is also a small quantity of local anesthetic (lidocaine) mixed into the Volbella to aid in the comfort of injection. Once injected into the skin, it stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen in the injected area.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar found in the human body that helps to deliver nutrients and moisture to the skin. In the synthetic form, Hyaluronic Acid containing Juvederm Volbella can be injected into the face to gently volumize areas such as the lips or smooth fine lines or wrinkles.

What are the best areas for Volbella to be used on the face?

For patients seeking correction of very fine lines around the mouth, gentle plumping of lip volume or improvement in lines and volume loss under the eyes, Juvederm Volbella is an excellent choice. Dr. Falcone will advise you of your options for each area of injection.

How does it work?

Juvederm Volbella is a crystal-clear gel that can be injected directly into and around the lips using a small injection cannula. It temporarily plumps the lips for lip enhancement and can smooth the appearance of lines around the mouth. It can also be used in other areas of the face that require superficial correction.
A topical or injectable numbing agent will be used prior to your treatment to minimize discomfort. There is also lidocaine in the Juvederm Volbella which will provide further comfort once injection for approximately 1 hour.
Dr. Falcone may massage the treatment area gently to assure that the product integrates in the skin and is evenly distributed for a smooth appearance. You SHOULD NOT apply pressure or massage the treated area for two weeks post treatment. Pressure to the treated area can shift it slightly and in areas of superficial injection, this may cause an undesired result.

How long does Volbella last?

Results can last up to 12 months. When the injectable filler is metabolized over the course of a year, the area will return its baseline size.
If for some reason you do not like the results of your injection, Volbella can be liquefied by a product called Hylenex. Knowing this should reduce your anxiety about injecting areas such as the lips for the first time. Dr. Falcone is an excellent injector and will listen to you regarding your desired result but if for some reason you need adjustment, it can be done easily in a short office appointment.

Why Chose Dr. Falcone for my injection treatments?

Dr. Falcone has over 12 years of injection experience treating thousands of patients with Botox, Dysport and injectable fillers for facial rejuvenation. There is a difference. She is an expert level injector using mostly injection cannulas to minimize bruising and enhance results.
She currently offers 12 different fillers, 7 skin care treatments and fat transfer procedures for facial rejuvenation.

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*Every patient is unique and individual experiences will vary regarding downtime and results.