Visit us for Laser Vein Treatment in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Bala Cynwyd , Pennsylvania, Maple Shade, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas. The Falcone Center for Functional and Cosmetic Medicine offers laser vein treatment to potential candidates interested in skin rejuvenation.

Remove Varicose and Spider Veins with Laser Vein Treatment

As we age, the skin’s structure can thin, allowing small veins and capillaries to become more visible. They can appear nearly anywhere on the body but are more commonly seen in the legs.

A variety of factors may influence the development of spider veins in the legs, such as:

  • Genetics/heredity factors
  • Hormonal changes
  • Jobs or activities that involved prolonged sitting or standing
  • Pregnancy
  • Weight changes

Laser vein treatment is used to reduce their appearance almost immediately and eventually will cause the vein or veins to disappear completely. By using a laser to treat these areas, causes scar tissue to form as the heat damages the vein. As the scar tissue grows within the vein, it closes blood flow to the vein, causing it to die and over time, completely disappear.

Laser vein treatments are virtually painless and may be performed under local anesthesia. Typically, more than one session is needed to address all areas, but once the veins disappear, they will not return. Patients typically return to their normal daily activities immediately after a treatment sessions as there is no downtime for this treatment.

The Benefits of Laser Vein Treatment

If you have varicose and spider veins, you know that they can make you feel and look older and take away the enjoyment of wearing shorts, skirts, and any other clothing that may show them. Varicose and spider veins do increase in number with age, but they can affect people of nearly any age.

If you are tired of wearing pants in the summer and always trying to hide your legs, laser vein treatment can give you back your freedom to wear what you want, when you want and improve the way you look and feel inside and out.

Our Experience Makes the Difference

Give your beauty a boost! The guidance of an experienced professional is essential to create the best results possible as they can help you find the right treatment method for you and provide experienced care. Dr. Falcone is committed to exceeding your expectations for achieving your cosmetic skin goals!

What Is the Cost of Laser Vein Treatment in Philadelphia, PA?

The cost of laser vein treatment will vary, but to offer the best possible care for our patients, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and CareCredit®.

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Cosmetic procedures are individualized, and a consultation is recommended prior to beginning any treatment, so you can be fully informed. During your appointment, we will identify personal needs and goals and develop a plan of action specifically for you.

Dr. Victoria Falcone, director of The Falcone Center for Functional and Cosmetic Medicine, is board certified in Family Medicine. She is licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and is a member of The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS), The Institute of Functional Medicine,  and The American Academy of Family Practice. Dr. Falcone offers a unique approach to health, wellness, and rejuvenation, helping men, women and children look and feel better both inside and out. Please call today to schedule your initial consultation!