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Which of Our Liposuction Technologies Is Right for You?

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Minimally Invasive & Non-Surgical Liposuction Options


Liposuction in Philadelphia

Dr. Falcone is recognized as one of the most advanced liposuction practitioners in the area of Philadelphia and Maple Shade, New Jersey. As a leading innovator in the field of liposculpture, Dr. Falcone has more advanced liposuction technology under one roof than most practices in the area. To her credit, she has performed thousands of liposuction procedures.

Why Dr. Falcone?

Dr. Victoria Falcone is considered one of the best liposuction surgeons in Philadelphia. Dr. Falcone is the director of The Falcone Center for Functional and Cosmetic Medicine. Licensed to practice medicine by both the Pennsylvania and New Jersey State Medical Boards, she is board certified, & has a decade’s worth of experience in Cosmetic Medicine.

Your Liposuction Consultation

When you arrive to your private consultation appointment at our practice, you will meet Dr. Falcone in person. She will listen to your concerns and examine the problem areas. She treats each patient on a one-on-one basis and will personally evaluate your condition and suggest one or more minimally-invasive or non-surgical solutions.

With offices in Bala Cynwynd, PA and Maple Shade, NJ, the Falcone Center is easy to get to from the Philadelphia Metro. Contact Us Today to set up your consultation with Dr Falcone and discover which liposuction treatment is best for you.

Which of Our Liposuction Technologies Is Right for You?

The liposuction technology used depends on your situation. Do you have a slight bulge? Loose skin? Would you like to transfer the removed fat to your breasts, face, hands, or buttocks or use your removed fat to fill in acne scars? Are you treating a double chin? Enlarged male breast tissue? Your thighs? Your arms?

At the Falcone Center, we have a variety of liposuction options including: Body Jet Liposuction, Cellulaze™, PrecisionTx™, SmartLipo™ & VASER® Liposelection.

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Dr. Falcone is licensed to practice medicine by both the Pennsylvania and New Jersey State Medical Boards and is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, The Institute of Functional Medicine, The American Academy of Family Medicine and the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery.

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