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There is an exciting new procedure that is being used in the medical field to address some common health and cosmetic problems. In the past, these issues were complicated to address, but this new procedure is proving to get the job done. The procedure in question is to use platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections to get your own body to aid in its own healing process. Who would have thought that your body contained something you need that can accelerate healing? The idea is really straight forward.

One of our doctors starts by taking vials of your own blood. Then your blood is put into a centrifuge to extract the plasma and growth factors out away from the red and white blood cells. The resultant platelet-rich plasma solution is then prepared to be injected into your body so that the growth factors in this preparation can help to instruct and coordinate your body’s cells to get active to make important healing procedures take place. It sounds like something almost out of a science fiction novel, but it is proving to be science fact. This is especially the case, given how many divergent physical and cosmetic applications this procedure is being used in to get real results. Here are just a few of those areas that might benefit you personally.

Sexual Health

You have probably seen the commercials that talk about taking this or that kind of pill for erectile dysfunction. Many of these drugs were targeted at men with sexual dysfunction and performance issues. To a lesser degree, these medical advancements were marketed towards women and their needs. With the advent of the Priapus Shot®️ (P-Shot®️) and the Orgasm Shot®️ (O-Shot®️), born out of platelet-rich plasma preparations, both men and women are able to improve their sexual health and well being with these platelet-rich plasma injections into the genital region of the body. For men the P-Shot®️ can lead to improved arousal, rejuvenated genital tightness and stronger, bigger erections. For women the O-Shot®️ can improve arousal, tighten sexual organs and intensify orgasms. In both cases, the results of PRP injections can help to reduce or even eliminate the need to use drugs to resolve these kinds of sexual problems.

Vampire Treatments

At Falcone Center we also offer Vampire Facials and Vampire Facelifts all using platelet-rich plasma injections. You can look younger in your face using this minimally-invasive treatment. PRP injections do well treating loose, sagging skin.

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