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Vaginal atrophy is when the vaginal walls become dry, thin, and inflamed because the body has less estrogen. It typically occurs after a woman goes through menopause, and it can make intercourse painful for some women. In addition, it can also cause burning during urination, urinary incontinence, and an increase in urinary tract infections. Although it usually occurs at the onset of menopause, it can also start several years before menopause. Many women with this condition choose a treatment that is known as the MonaLisa Touch®.

What Is the MonaLisa Touch®?
The MonaLisa Touch® is a procedure that effectively rejuvenates the vaginal walls and treats the symptoms of vaginal atrophy. The procedure works by using a laser with controlled energy pulse to stimulate tissue in the vagina. It causes collagen to increase, which will spark the creation of new, healthy cells.

What are the Advantages of the MonaLisa Touch®?
There are many advantages of the MonaLisa Touch®. It is a quick and minimally-invasive treatment that typically only takes about 10 minutes to complete. Most women will need about three sessions, and the results are usually noticeable after the first session. The treatment should be administered about 40-60 days apart, and most women will need a maintenance treatment every year to obtain optimal results. While there may be slight discomfort, the procedure isn’t painful. In fact, anesthesia typically isn’t required to carry out the process. Many women have to wait about three to four days after the procedure before they can resume sexual activity.

Who are Ideal Candidates for the MonaLisa Touch®?
The treatment is a suitable option for women with vaginal atrophy who want a procedure that is less invasive than surgical treatments. In addition, it is also ideal for those who want a safer option than hormonal replacement therapy. However, women who want to treat vaginal atrophy because of estrogenic disease, childbirth, or cancer may not be good candidates for the MonaLisa Touch®.

Can the MonaLisa Touch® be Used on Areas Other Than the Vaginal Wall?
The treatment can be used on the vulva and labia to help with vaginal itching, burning, or dryness. It can help women achieve a firm and more youthful appearance of the vagina.

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