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Signs And Symptoms Of Dementia

If you or someone you know is getting older, then it is important to know the signs of dementia. With an early diagnosis, it is possible to begin a variety of memory care treatments. There are several types of dementia conditions, and some of the most common symptoms include:


An individual with dementia may become restless, especially during the evening. Medical experts refer to this as sundowning, and it can involve mental anxiety along with increases in physical activity. This symptom is common in the senior citizens who live in assisted living environments. Someone with Parkinson’s disease may fall asleep, but the restlessness of the body can lead to falling from the bed in the middle of the night.

Getting Lost

A person with dementia may get lost easily in their own neighborhood, and this can lead to dangerous situations in hot or cold temperatures. It is possible for the senior citizen to forget their own address or where a vehicle has been parked while shopping for groceries. As the dementia progresses, the individual may not remember how to find the bathroom or a bedroom in their own home.

Inability to Communicate

The senior citizen may not understand how to communicate with others, or they might not comprehend what someone is saying. It is important to remember that each person who has dementia has different symptoms from the condition that may progress slowly or quickly.

Making Up Things

A person with dementia may make up strange stories about things, leading others to think that the individual has a mental illness.


A senior citizen who normally has a pleasant attitude may become more irritable. This can lead to severe anger issues along with physical altercations.


There are certain types of dementia that can cause hallucinations. The senior citizen will see things that don’t exist but that seem very real.

Cognitive Decline

The most common symptom is a cognitive decline that leads to a loss of memories. The senior citizen will forget things gradually, including the names of a spouse or children along with the names of everyday objects.


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*Every patient is unique and individual experiences will vary regarding downtime and results.