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Liposuction in Philadelphia, PA

See us for liposuction in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Maple Shade, New Jersey, Bala Cynwyd , Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas. The Falcone Center for Functional, Cosmetic and Integrative Medicine offers liposuction to residents interested in cosmetic surgery.

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A Smoother Look with Liposuction

Dr. Falcone is recognized as one of the most advanced liposuction practitioners in the area of Philadelphia and Maple Shade, New Jersey. As a leading innovator in the field of liposculpture, Dr. Falcone has more advanced liposuction technology under one roof than most practices in the area. To her credit, she has performed thousands of liposuction procedures.

Our liposuction technologies together represent an investment in excess of $500,000. This investment is intended to improve your results, decrease your downtime, minimize your risks, and give you the best experience possible throughout the process.

Which of Our Four Liposuction Technologies Is Right for You?

The liposuction technology used depends on your situation. Do you have a slight bulge? Loose skin? Would you like to transfer the removed fat to your breasts, face, hands, or buttocks or use your removed fat to fill in acne scars? Are you treating a double chin? Enlarged male breast tissue? Your thighs? Your arms?

To preserve fat for transfer to other parts of the body we use the new Body Jet Liposuction system. To tighten loose skin we use SmartLipo™, which liquefies unwanted fat cells while incorporating a skin-tightening laser.

For deeper fat and patients who need additional fat removed from the older liposuction procedures they had done years ago, we use VASER® Liposelection, which can overcome barriers of any old scar tissue that may have occurred*.

We are also able to combine techniques as needed to give our patients a specialized treatment program that may best suit their individual needs.

Our Experience Makes the Difference

The Falcone Center is dedicated to helping you look and feel better both inside and out.

What is the Cost of Liposuction in Philadelphia, PA?



The cost of HCG injections will vary, but to offer the best possible care for our patients, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, CareCredit®, LendingUSA and Healthcare Financing Solutions.

Additional Body Contouring Procedures

Additional Liposuction Procedures

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If you’re looking for ways to smooth and contour areas that are just not responding to diet and exercise schedule your one-on-one appointment today. We will discuss your concerns and develop a treatment plan that is right for you.

Dr. Victoria Falcone is the director of The Falcone Center for Functional, Cosmetic and Integrative Medicine. Licensed to practice medicine by both the Pennsylvania and New Jersey State Medical Boards, she is board certified, has a decade’s worth of experience in Cosmetic Medicine, and has specialty training in Laser and Aesthetic Medicine, Functional and Integrative Medicine, Liposuction Surgery, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Medical Weight Loss, Neuromuscular Medicine, Nutrigenomics, Music Therapy and Cranial Osteopathy. Dr. Falcone’s vision is to bring her patients the most advanced cosmetic treatments and techniques to help maintain and restore a more youthful appearance. Please call today to schedule your free initial consultation!



*Every patient is unique and individual experiences will vary regarding downtime and results.