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Stimulate Your Sexual Health With The O-Shot

Many women experience sexual dysfunction of some sort. It is a very common problem that is rarely talked about. In the past, there were not many options available for women. Scientific and medical advances have allowed for the development of the O-Shot®, a revolutionary method for rejuvenating your sexual health. This very natural treatment can help cure many problems.

What Can the O-Shot® Help With?

Changes to the vagina and clitoris happen as we age. Childbirth can be a major contributor as well. There are many symptoms of sexual dysfunction that can be treated just by using the O-Shot®. Some of the most common ones include:

  • Stress urinary incontinence
  • A decrease in the ability to orgasm
  • A decrease in sex drive
  • Dryness, typically caused by menopause
  • Chronic pain from trauma during childbirth

How Does the O-Shot® Work?

A small amount of your own blood is drawn in order to perform the O-Shot®. It is spun at incredibly high speeds inside a centrifuge, where the platelet-rich plasma can be separated. This PRP is then strategically injected back into the targeted areas. Once these injections take place, the body is prompted to produce collagen and to start “healing” itself. The result is new and repaired vaginal tissue.

This treatment is very quick and effective. It is something that can be done around your other activities. Results take time to develop, although many women notice improvements soon after their first treatment.

Who is a Good Candidate?

On top of treating certain sexual conditions, the O-Shot® is great for any woman who is experiencing dissatisfaction in her intimate life due to changes in her body. If you feel like this applies to you and you are ready to take charge of your sexual health, we encourage you to make an appointment at The Falcone Center, located in Maple Shade, Bala Cynwyd, and Lambertville. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

*Every patient is unique and individual experiences will vary regarding downtime and results.