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The Vampire Facial® is much more than just the latest trend in skin care. This effective and safe treatment has a long history because it has proven to work on a wide range of different skin issues. So don’t let its name scare you away! There are many great benefits of getting a Vampire Facial® in Philadelphia and Maple Shade, New Jersey.

What Is the Vampire Facial®?
The Vampire Facial® is also known as a PRP facial, PRP standing for platelet-rich plasma. For the facial, we will need to draw a small amount of blood. By placing it in a special dual-spin centrifuge, the Magellan TruPRP device, we will break your blood down into its different parts. What we need is your platelet-rich plasma, which is full of white blood cells and growth factors. We will then begin the micro-needling process, using the FDA-approved SkinPen, which will allow the PRP serum to easily absorb into your skin.

The Scary Good Benefits of the Vampire Facial®
There’s nothing at all scary about the results you will see from the Vampire Facial®! For one, PRP therapy is able to address many of the signs of aging. Because your skin will begin producing more collagen, all those wrinkles around your mouth, eyes, cheeks, and on your forehead will diminish as new healthy cells populate these areas. This treatment can also reduce the look of scarring caused by acne, can eliminate age spots, and can correct hyperpigmentation.

The other great benefit of the Vampire Facial® in Philadelphia is that it is completely all-natural because it only uses the power of your own blood. There no synthetic substances administered into your face for this treatment. That means there is absolutely no risk of any allergic reaction, which is perfect for those who are more sensitive to chemicals. This treatment also doesn’t use any lasers, scrubs, or peels.

Your Vampire Facial®
The number of your treatments will depend on your desired results. We can develop a personalized treatment plan when you come and see us for the first time. There is little downtime associated with the treatment and few risks side effects. Results happen quickly with this treatment; you should see improvement within only three weeks, and they should continue to improve for three months!

Why Have Your Vampire Facial® at the Falcone Center?

At the Falcone Center we offer the highest quality of PRP as we use the Magellan TruPRP device. We can also cell count your PRP prior to use to maximize the concentration of your growth factors and ensure treatment quality. We want you to be confident that when you come to the Falcone Center, you are getting high quality PRP and high quality treatment. The Falcone Center is one of few practices in the country taking the extra step to cell count PRP prior to injection maximizing treatment benefit.

To learn more about the benefits of getting a Vampire Facial® in Philadelphia, we encourage you to get in touch and make an appointment with Falcone Center. At our convenient locations in Bala Cynwyd, PA, Maple Shade, NJ, and Lambertville, NJ, our dedicated and caring professionals will be happy to explain the particulars of this treatment, answer any questions you may have, and help you revitalize your appearance. Contact us today to set up your consultation – we look forward to hearing from you!

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