Do You Have any of the following skin changes on your face?

  1. Your skin color appears more grey and less vibrant due to a lack of blood flow to the facial skin as you age.
  2. The vertical lines surrounding the mouth are getting deeper and more visible.
  3. The texture of your skin is less smooth making you look old or tired.
  4. You have scars from acne, trauma, or chicken pox on your face.

Here’s how it’s done..

3 Steps of the Vampire Facial®

  1. First, a small amount of blood is removed from the arm and processed to isolate growth factors from the patient’s blood.
  2. Then the SkinPen micro-needling device is used to create microchannels on the skin. The process of micro-needling creates a mild tissue healing response in the skin which can help to stimulate collagen production.
  3. Then last step is smoothing and introducing the growth factors to the microchannels for optimal function as they stimulate tissue production, tightening, and overall skin rejuvenation.

Why Dr. Falcone?

Dr. Falcone is recognized as one of the most advanced face and skin rejuvenation practitioners in the area of Philadelphia and Maple Shade, New Jersey.The technique used for the filler injection portion of the Vampire Facelift or Vampire Facial were taught to Dr. Falcone by the inventor of the Vampire Facelift procedure, Dr. Charles Runels.

Before and After Photos