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Functional medicine is a form of alternative medicine that focuses on identifying and treating the root causes of diseases that plague the human race. Alternative medicine views each symptom differently and approaches it based on the factors that could be contributing to the person’s illness. A patient could be suffering from a condition that manifests itself by certain symptoms. One of the symptoms could be an indication that something is wrong and is ultimately leading to the patient’s illness.

For example, let’s consider someone who is suffering from depression. It could be diagnosed that the depression is caused by some inflammations that the patient is experiencing. Such inflammations, however, could also be a result of depression. The precise reason why a person is experiencing some sort of symptom, therefore, can only be established by investigating the individual genes, lifestyle, and environment. Any of these three factors could be the reason why a person is experiencing certain symptoms.

As such, it is important to establish the real cause of the symptoms so that the doctor can treat the condition permanently. Treating the root of the problem allows the patient to experience long-term healing as opposed to the common method of suppressing the symptoms. The principle of functional medicine is based on making healthcare more of a personal approach rather that a one-size-fits-all model. The relationship between a patient and his or her doctors should be deeper so that the healer is able to understand the history of the patient and be able to determine how the history could be influencing the patient’s current situation.

Functional medicine, therefore, stems from the need to treat the individual rather than the disease. Conducting a diagnosis, reviewing the environment and the genetic form of a patient is critical if one is to make an accurate diagnosis. The doctor should also be able to understand the biochemical composition of the patient and be knowledgeable about how the composition is related to or can influence the patient’s medical condition.

Functional medicine has become very popular thanks to the advocacy of top doctors as well as the formation of the institute of functional medicine. In a conventional medicine setup, the doctor uses drugs or hormones as a toll of dealing with conditions. Most common conditions such as diabetes, typhoid, or common cold have virtually a standard method of treatment.

This method is standard across various levels and is largely the same regardless of whether it is being administered by a doctor or a specialist. The training is also standard for all levels and involves diagnosing the condition and matching it with a corresponding drug.

Although the standard method has been successfully deployed since civilization, it’s only successful in conditions such as acute care, infections, trauma, and emergencies. Conventional medicine, however, might not work for chronic diseases that affect over 125 million people in America alone.

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